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Probate, Absolom Brown, Sr., January 21, 1877

State of Florida, Lafayette County

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(page 1)

State of Florida        To the Hon Judge of Probate of said county
Lafayette County

        In obediance to an order issued from said Court being ratia(?) Decr. 26th AD 1876 to as directed appointing as Commissioners to lay off and apportion Dower to Marian A Brown widow Absolum Brown deceased late of said County, we beg leave to report as follows to wit.  We find the real estate of deceased to embrace Seventeen hundred and Twenty (1720) acres of land subject to Dower.  Having viewed and considered the relative value of the whole tract, have apportioned as Dower Four hundred (400) acres of land including never (?) cultivated lands described as follows, to wit.  E1/2 by W1/4 of NE 1/4 & NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec. 6.T.5.S.R.N.E.  All of which with relative position of Dower to entire tract is shown by subjoined plot Marke A.
The personal estate of deceased as shown by appraisement and account sales as presented by administrator accounts to Eleven hundred and Sixty one 85/100 dollars in which the widow had set a part for her maintenance and support the sum of Three hundred Eighty six & 25/100 dollars ($386.25) the sum being one dollar and three cents ($1.03) less than one third of the Personal estate to which she is entitled and which should be paid to her.  We beg leave to state that there are a few old notes, considered worthless that we have not received in the value of the Personnel estate of which is respectfully Submitted this January the 21st 1877.

(page 2)

Names of commissioners on next page.

Owen Revels
J. H. Alterton
A. W. Buchannan
Alfred Revels

(see hand drawn map of property at page 2 above)





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