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Jeremiah  Green
Born 1710 - Died 1762

Considerable research has been done on the lineage of Jeremiah Green and, like most results from before 1800, not all agree.  Rather than repeat results here accomplished by others, better to make direct reference to a web site on Jeremiah Green that not only lists inputs from living relatives but provides links to other research results on Jeremiah.   A link to work done on the North Carolina Jersey Settlement is also provided.  Please click on any of the Jeremiah Green references on this page for access to more detail on Jeremiah and his descendants.

Though no evidence has been found that our Thomas Green of Duplin Co., NC is related to Jeremiah, our interests concerning such a possibility stems mostly from folklore subsequently documented in letters and census.  John F. Green, great-grandson of Thomas Green is believed to be what turns out to be the single source  that his father, Samuel, and grandfather, Lott came from Reading, NJ, presumably with Lott's father, Thomas.  This belief carried through into census where John listed his father as being born in NJ.  It is also cited in a more recent letter by Jim Warren, b. October 26, 1880, d. July 1969, grandson of John.  The letter, written in 1965, may be reviewed at Jim Warren Letter.  The census making reference to John's father having been from NJ is provided at the 1900 Marion Co. Census extract.

We note that there does not currently exist a Reading, NJ but there is a Readington, NJ.  A little additional research, however, revealed that Readington was known as Reading until the late 1700 timeframe.  Since our Thomas is found in Duplin Co., NC by 1758, his departure from NJ if he in fact came from NJ would have occurred prior to 1758 when Readington was known as Reading.  Since this name change isn't widely publicized, its use by John and presumed belief during his adult life that his dad was born in NJ adds considerable credibility to the folklore.  It is clear that additional research is warranted into this line of Green's.






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